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The world's first artificial intelligence business coach.

Everyone Needs A Coach

Goal Boss AI uses machine learning and natural language processing to identify your strengths and opportunities for improvement at work. You get individually curated content, tips, and training to help you improve your communication, delegation, and time management skills - a little bit at a time, over time. Behavioral assessments, short video training modules, articles, and other interactive content give you the coaching you need when you need it.

Real Coaching In Real-time.


Goal Boss AI doesn't just inundate you with good advice. Instead, it does what all great coaches do. The system learns about your goals, your style, and your team. 


Get the help you need based on what's happening right now.

Super quick, highly relevant coaching built on proven systems and curated precisely for your needs. 

Works in Slack
Just Like You!


Sometimes, the hardest thing about building your skills is finding the space and time.


Goal Boss AI comes to you. Right inside your Slack workspace.

Feedback, suggestions, and coaching based on your needs and the needs of your team. 

Great Communication Builds Great Teams

Some people want to see the big picture first. Others like to start with the details and draw their own conclusions.


Goal Boss AI helps you communicate the right things to the right people in the right way.


Finally, you can treat your teammates the way they want to be treated!


Delegate Like A Boss

Don't just do it. Just get it done! When you harness the power of delegation, success is yours for the taking.

For every task that comes your way, ask yourself this simple question; Is there anyone on earth who can do this task besides me? 


Goal Boss AI will help you become an expert at delegation. That skill alone will help you get more done in a day than most people do in a week. 

It's ALL About Time

Time is the only thing you can't get more of. When it's gone, you never get it back.


Goal Boss AI helps you to understand and improve your time management skills.


Starting now, you can manage time - so time doesn't manage you. 

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