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Below are a few questions an interviewer might ask to kick off an engaging, succinct conversation about Goal Boss with Will Pemble.

  • Why do unnecessary meetings cost US businesses $37 billion every year?

  • ​Where did you first start implementing Goal Boss in your life?

  • ​When do managers and leaders find time for their own work if they're spending 50% of their time in meetings?

  • How does Goal Boss help entrepreneurs and leaders cut meeting times in half?

  • What are the Big 3 Career Killers?

  • ​Who can benefit from working with a Goal Boss Coach?

  • When do Goal Boss Clients start to see results?






The Art & Science of Getting Stuff Done

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At the heart of Will Pemble's mission to Cut Meeting Time in Half is the Goal Boss book. Goal Boss is A practical guide to help business people stop wasting time, start making money, and stay the course. 

Will Pemble coaches entrepreneurs and leaders to cut meeting times in half. That’s right. Half.


A technology pioneer, he built and sold, one of the largest website companies on earth. His dynamic style, broad experience, and genuine love for business and people bring out the very best in the leaders and teams he serves. As a facilitator, keynote speaker, and TV host, Will surprises and delights audiences everywhere. 


Goal Boss is a peak performance coaching firm with the singular goal of Cutting Meeting Times In Half. To accomplish this mission, Will has authored “Goal Boss: The Art & Science of Getting Stuff Done,” and created the Goal Boss Platform, an online service that makes it easy for anyone to implement Goal Boss principles in businesses of all sizes.


For fun, Will builds backyard roller coasters and other crazy projects that have been featured on Good Morning America, WIRED, Netflix, and countless other media. His YouTube videos have been seen by millions worldwide.